BEST - Brain Checker Engineering Sorter Test

   A 60 Minutes 155 Questions 4 Sectional Interest Test.

   Structured on the fundamental's of Dr. Edward Strong Junior's Vocational Interest Test used widely for Career Interest Matching.

   India's First Engineering Sorter Test (An Interest Test) with a 26 Paged English Report.

   Aimed at students aspiring to become Engineers.

   Evaluates student's interest on 100 Engineering Options.

   Provides Suitable 7 Engineering Streams.

   Provides Top 15 Recommended Engineering Streams.

   Provides Demand Curve for Suitable 7 with a 10 Year Vision.

   Ascertain's the Test Taker's Occupational Code (As per Holland Occupational Code).

   Consider's Personal Preference Matching before identifying the Suitable-7.

It was launched with the following facts in mind

   30% of Indian Science Students plan to become Engineers

   If Engineering was a religion in India, it would have been the 5th Largest

   India produces 1.5 Million Engineers every year, which is more than the population of Ireland

   India produces more Engineers in a year than USA and China combined

   India had 40 Lakh students taking Engineering Entrance Exams in 2019 (IIT-JEE and 20 State CET's Combined)